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Nonviolence News October 2017t

Editorial: Democracy in Northern Ireland

Eco-Awareness with Larry Speight: Cogntitive revolution

Readings in Nonviolence: Compassion and Compassionate Integrity Training

Eco-Awareness with Larry Speight: Appreciating nonhuman nature

Readings in Nonviolence: Disarming the nuclear argument



‘Readings in Nonviolence’ will feature extracts from our favourite books, pamphlets or other material on nonviolence, or reviews of important works in the field (suggestions welcome).

October 2017: Passionate about compassion? Compassionate Integrity Training

September 2017: The Truth About Trident – Disarming the Nuclear Argument

July 2017: Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) Ireland: Impact report

June 2017: An alternative defence for Ireland by Rob Fairmichael

May 2017: Musings on Museums for Peace and the INMP 2017 international conference in Belfast

April 2017: Jesus the Refugee

March 2017: Refugee Crisis and Children by Stefania Gualberti

February 2017: Refugee stories: Syrian refugee children in Lebanon

December 2016: War Resisters' International (WRI) statement on the conflict in Syria

November 2016: International Women's Boat to Gaza By Mairead Maguire

October 2016: International Peace Bureau Action Agenda

August, 2016: Remembering Hiroshima - Nagasaki, August, 1945 - 2016 By Theresa Wolfwood,

July 2016: Peace and security through a spirituality of peace

June 2016: From violence to nonviolence by Mairead Maguire and The Central Role of Gospel Nonviolence by Patrick Cunningham SSC

May 2016: Dan Berrigan

April 2016: Statement of conscientious objectors' groups from eastern Mediterranean region

March 2016: Nonviolent communication: NVC at a glance Written by Ann Kristin Sivertsen

February 2016: Women and Peacemaking: The state of play

December 2015: The Most Brazen Corporate Power Grab in American History By Chris Hedges

November 2015: 70 years after the bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Canada's 'gift' to Japan

October 2015: Nonviolence and Power by Andreas Speck

September 2015: Corrymeela at 50

July 2015: Christianity, peace and nonviolence By Rob Fairmichael

June 2015: Arpillera Journeys By Stefania Gualberti

May 2015: The Peace Movement's common vision: The abolition of militarism By Mairead Maguire

April 2015: Nonviolent campaigning

March 2015: Revilement and adulation

February 2015: Seville Statement on Violence

December 2014: War, Christian and secular morality – and nonviolence

November 2014: Corrymeela House: A Tribute

October 2014: Art, Conflict and Peace

September 2014: Summer conference reports

July 2014: 360° turns by Stellan Vinthagen

June 2014: Ireland and First World War by Rob Fairmichael

May 2014: The First World Ward

April 2014: Alternatives to Violence Project

March 2014: Message of Peace and Goodwill from the young people of Wales

February 2014: Howard Clark

December 2013: Men in action on gender-sensitive active nonviolence

November 2013: Why call it nonviolent action?

October 2013: 10 years on… Still searching for Truth and Reconciliation in Peru

September 2013: Countering the militarisation of young people

July 2013: On their conscience

June 2013: Peace movement history in Northern Ireland

May 2013: Thr Golden Rule

April 2013: Irish Neutrality

February 2013: Barbara Deming

December 2012: Testimony of an Israeli refusenik

November 2012: Peace through intercultural dialogue in the context of Syadvada By Samani Rohini Prajna

October 2012: Disarm Men, Don’t arm Women - Militarization is not emancipation By Shelley Anderson

September 2012:Bunker (and myth) busting

June 2012: An Irish Peace Trail

May 2012: Monitoring and accompaniment

April 2012: The People’s Charter to Create a Nonviolent World

March 2012: Shapr as Ever

February 2012: Winter Reflections of a Faslane Peace Camper By Leonna O’Neill

December 2011: Effective nonviolence in the 21st century By Javier Gárate

November 2011: Veterans for Peace: Gerry Condon interview

October 2011: Finding a green manifesto

September 2011: Peace and sport with special reference to the Olympics by Tony Kempster

July 2011: Larzac - Interview with Wolfgang Hertle

June 2011: Before the Arab Spring, the 1989 European Autumn...

April 2011: Trouble Making in Gujarat India By Javier Gárate

March 2011: LIBYA: 22 February 2011 by Shari Eppel

February 2011: An example of North American nonviolence

December 2010: 'All through stitch' Reflections by Maia Brown

October 2010: Taking a Stand against War: A New Direction for Conciliation Resources

February 2010: A few reflections on the commemoration of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade

December 2009:The legacy of Gandhi by Tony Kempster

November 2009: Community music by Alba Sanfeliu

October 2009: Art, war, politics An interview with Roberto Arroyo

September 2009: Quilts and arpilleras by Roberta Bacic

July 2009: Music and peace by Alba Sanfeliu

June 2009: Transforming arms into art

May 2009: Countdown to Cope-nhagen

April 2009: Why civil resistance works

March 2009: A Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns

February 2009: Gazing on Gaza

December 2008: Hope in a time of war – Religious perspectives on peacemaking

November 2008: Free Gaza By Mairead Corrigan Maguire

October 2008: Active Non-violence Edited extracts from an address given by Niall O’Brien

September 2008: A recent direct action in NI: An interview with Jim Keys

July 2008: Fortress Europe -Researched and introduced by Roberta Bacic and Violence in Irish Society: Towards an Ecology of Peace Reviewed by Rob Fairmichael

June 2008: Irena Sendler

May 2008: Letters as a way of non-violent action

April 2008: What Would You Do If? by Joan Baez

March 2008: Palestine And Nonviolence

February 2008: Chosen by Roberta Bacic

December 2007: Nonviolent Interventions in Conflictio situations

November 2007:What needs defending and by what means?

October 2007: Resistence in Burma

September 2007: A plea for a global Satyagraha for Nonviolent Defence

July 2007: Peacekeeping and conflict intervention in military and nonviolent traditions

June 2007: Confronting Oppression

May 2007: When shall we meet there? by Roberta Bacic

March 2007: Peer Mediation by Jerry Tyrrell

February 2007: A Freedom Ride by Uri Avnery

December 2006: Living Well Roberta Bacic

November 2006: Adam Curle, a pacifist man...

October 2006: Potatoes, Potatoes

September 2006: 'Children Learn What They Live'

June 2006: 'True stories of nonviolent success'

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