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Nonviolent News supplement January 2021

Nonviolent News December 2020

Editorials: Antimilitarism, nature and nurture

Eco-Awareness with Larry Speight: The Green New Deal

Readings in Nonviolence: Touching on textiles – an interview with Roberta Bacic

Billy King: Rites Again


‘Readings in Nonviolence’ will feature extracts from our favourite books, pamphlets or other material on nonviolence, or reviews of important works in the field (suggestions welcome).

December 2020: Touching on textiles - An interview with Roberta Bacic

November 2020: Personal resistance to war: The case of Hallel Rabin

October 2020: The power of art for peace and conflict transformation

September 2020: Social defence: an important part of nonviolent theory

July 2020: Rutger Bregman’s Humankind - A hopeful history

June 2020: Nonviolence in Ireland: A study guide

May 2020: Back to basics – with Gene Sharp

April 2020: Gandhi the organiser by Iain Atack

March 2020: Nonviolent success: The efficacy of nonviolence

February 2020: ‘No one is safe until all are safe’

December 2019: Nonviolence in Ireland – some thoughts by Rob Fairmichael

November 2019: Departments for Peace Reflections by Vijay Mehta

October 2019: The Declaration of the Peace People, and “The Price of Peace”

September 2019: The impact of involvement with the Alternatives to Violence Project

July 2019: Marshall Rosenberg: Nonviolent communication and peace

June 2019: Quaker longer term mediation experiences

May 2019: His-story and Her-story in nonviolence

April 2019: The Irish Pacifist Movement (IPM) and notes on it by Betty Taylor (1978)

March 2019: Thich Nhat Hanh “Peace in oneself, peace in the world” By Stefania Gualberti

February 2019: No. 1: Francis Sheehy Skeffington By Mary Carolan

November 2018: Countering paramilitarism

October 2018: Demonization of Russia in a new Cold War era

September 2018: Men and violence in the perspective of Congo Men’s Network

July 2018: The Catholic Church and Nonviolence

June 2018: Pax Christi International Position Paper:

May 2018: Building Peace Together: a practical resource

April 2018: Buddhism and Nonviolence by Lisa Patten

March 2018: Dan Berrigan’s 1978 review of ‘Star Wars’

February 2018: Women Peacemakers Program closes

December 2017: Resources on Christian nonviolence and peace

November 2017: Splintered memories: Dealing and not dealing with the past

October 2017: Passionate about compassion? Compassionate Integrity Training

September 2017: The Truth About Trident – Disarming the Nuclear Argument

July 2017: Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) Ireland: Impact report

June 2017: An alternative defence for Ireland by Rob Fairmichael

May 2017: Musings on Museums for Peace and the INMP 2017 international conference in Belfast

April 2017: Jesus the Refugee

March 2017: Refugee Crisis and Children by Stefania Gualberti

February 2017: Refugee stories: Syrian refugee children in Lebanon

December 2016: War Resisters' International (WRI) statement on the conflict in Syria

November 2016: International Women's Boat to Gaza By Mairead Maguire

October 2016: International Peace Bureau Action Agenda

August, 2016: Remembering Hiroshima - Nagasaki, August, 1945 - 2016 By Theresa Wolfwood,

July 2016: Peace and security through a spirituality of peace

June 2016: From violence to nonviolence by Mairead Maguire and The Central Role of Gospel Nonviolence by Patrick Cunningham SSC

May 2016: Dan Berrigan

April 2016: Statement of conscientious objectors' groups from eastern Mediterranean region

March 2016: Nonviolent communication: NVC at a glance Written by Ann Kristin Sivertsen

February 2016: Women and Peacemaking: The state of play

December 2015: The Most Brazen Corporate Power Grab in American History By Chris Hedges

November 2015: 70 years after the bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Canada's 'gift' to Japan

October 2015: Nonviolence and Power by Andreas Speck

September 2015: Corrymeela at 50

July 2015: Christianity, peace and nonviolence By Rob Fairmichael

June 2015: Arpillera Journeys By Stefania Gualberti

May 2015: The Peace Movement's common vision: The abolition of militarism By Mairead Maguire

April 2015: Nonviolent campaigning

March 2015: Revilement and adulation

February 2015: Seville Statement on Violence

December 2014: War, Christian and secular morality – and nonviolence

November 2014: Corrymeela House: A Tribute

October 2014: Art, Conflict and Peace

September 2014: Summer conference reports

July 2014: 360° turns by Stellan Vinthagen

June 2014: Ireland and First World War by Rob Fairmichael

May 2014: The First World Ward

April 2014: Alternatives to Violence Project

March 2014: Message of Peace and Goodwill from the young people of Wales

February 2014: Howard Clark

December 2013: Men in action on gender-sensitive active nonviolence

November 2013: Why call it nonviolent action?

October 2013: 10 years on… Still searching for Truth and Reconciliation in Peru

September 2013: Countering the militarisation of young people

July 2013: On their conscience

June 2013: Peace movement history in Northern Ireland

May 2013: Thr Golden Rule

April 2013: Irish Neutrality

February 2013: Barbara Deming

December 2012: Testimony of an Israeli refusenik

November 2012: Peace through intercultural dialogue in the context of Syadvada By Samani Rohini Prajna

October 2012: Disarm Men, Don’t arm Women - Militarization is not emancipation By Shelley Anderson

September 2012:Bunker (and myth) busting

June 2012: An Irish Peace Trail

May 2012: Monitoring and accompaniment

April 2012: The People’s Charter to Create a Nonviolent World

March 2012: Shapr as Ever

February 2012: Winter Reflections of a Faslane Peace Camper By Leonna O’Neill

December 2011: Effective nonviolence in the 21st century By Javier Gárate

November 2011: Veterans for Peace: Gerry Condon interview

October 2011: Finding a green manifesto

September 2011: Peace and sport with special reference to the Olympics by Tony Kempster

July 2011: Larzac - Interview with Wolfgang Hertle

June 2011: Before the Arab Spring, the 1989 European Autumn...

April 2011: Trouble Making in Gujarat India By Javier Gárate

March 2011: LIBYA: 22 February 2011 by Shari Eppel

February 2011: An example of North American nonviolence

December 2010: 'All through stitch' Reflections by Maia Brown

October 2010: Taking a Stand against War: A New Direction for Conciliation Resources

February 2010: A few reflections on the commemoration of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade

December 2009:The legacy of Gandhi by Tony Kempster

November 2009: Community music by Alba Sanfeliu

October 2009: Art, war, politics An interview with Roberto Arroyo

September 2009: Quilts and arpilleras by Roberta Bacic

July 2009: Music and peace by Alba Sanfeliu

June 2009: Transforming arms into art

May 2009: Countdown to Cope-nhagen

April 2009: Why civil resistance works

March 2009: A Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns

February 2009: Gazing on Gaza

December 2008: Hope in a time of war – Religious perspectives on peacemaking

November 2008: Free Gaza By Mairead Corrigan Maguire

October 2008: Active Non-violence Edited extracts from an address given by Niall O’Brien

September 2008: A recent direct action in NI: An interview with Jim Keys

July 2008: Fortress Europe -Researched and introduced by Roberta Bacic and Violence in Irish Society: Towards an Ecology of Peace Reviewed by Rob Fairmichael

June 2008: Irena Sendler

May 2008: Letters as a way of non-violent action

April 2008: What Would You Do If? by Joan Baez

March 2008: Palestine And Nonviolence

February 2008: Chosen by Roberta Bacic

December 2007: Nonviolent Interventions in Conflictio situations

November 2007:What needs defending and by what means?

October 2007: Resistence in Burma

September 2007: A plea for a global Satyagraha for Nonviolent Defence

July 2007: Peacekeeping and conflict intervention in military and nonviolent traditions

June 2007: Confronting Oppression

May 2007: When shall we meet there? by Roberta Bacic

March 2007: Peer Mediation by Jerry Tyrrell

February 2007: A Freedom Ride by Uri Avnery

December 2006: Living Well Roberta Bacic

November 2006: Adam Curle, a pacifist man...

October 2006: Potatoes, Potatoes

September 2006: 'Children Learn What They Live'

June 2006: 'True stories of nonviolent success'

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