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Nonviolence News


Annual report 2000

Most of INNATE's work is at the level of facilitating information exchange and networking. The forces for peaceful social change are usually fragmented and often isolated, so the key part of INNATE's work is to inform people about what others are doing, and useful resources, to allow people to make the necessary contacts and alliances. 'Nonviolent News' was published monthly during the year except for a summer and Christmas break as usual.

In addition, support is given to individuals and groups looking for specific information or resources within our field of competence and commitment. Sometimes this information and support is very specific and there is nowhere else in Ireland that it can be obtained. We also try to support, publicise or run nonviolence and related trainings as appropriate.

INNATE organised a successful Belfast seminar in March 1999 on 'Peace Movement Over The Hill - Setting New Horizons', looking at changing realities in Northern Ireland. INNATE was one of a number of organisations co-operating with INCORE to run seminars in different parts of the North on stewarding, mediation and monitoring. INNATE will be co-operating with a number of peace and justice groups in the Dublin area to co-host the War Resisters International worldwide triennial conference in summer 2002.

The level of activity is limited by lack of people involved. As co-ordinator for INNATE I work voluntary and part-time - there are no staff, no premises. Even to organise a day seminar adequately requires a number of people to be involved. If you would like to discuss possible involvement - which you define - please get in touch. The easiest way for Belfast-accessible people to be involved is to come to networking meetings. As co-ordinator I have been talking to some people about future directions for INNATE, as part of an ongoing review; suggestions and comments are welcome from anyone.

The times are changing rapidly. The Republic is now a member of NATO's Partnership for Peace (sic) and economic prosperity has brought new challenges - not least the need for anti-racist work. The impasse in Northern Ireland with the collapse of the new regime indicates the need for the long haul hasn't gone away, you know, and the many fundamentals which have still to be addressed. INNATE hopes to play its part in working for nonviolent social and political change, at home and abroad.

Thank you to those who have already sent subscriptions for 2000. Being without buildings or staff, INNATE is not a high cost organisation but we still have to tick over, and pay for mailings and events, phone and stationery. If you feel there is any way I can assist you in your work, or put you in touch with others who may be more appropriate, please make contact. And we always welcome information for possible inclusion in 'Nonviolent News' which can be sent by post, fax or E-mail.

Rob Fairmichael,
Coordinator, INNATE,
February 2000


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