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INNATE Annual Report for 2009

INNATE’s work continues to grow, slowly but surely, responding as best we can to a variety of needs. The INNATE ‘networking group’ meets once a month, usually in Belfast, an opportunity to plan programme and other work; it is open to anyone who wishes to attend and is a good opportunity to catch up on with different views on the matters in hand, and for those attending to raise issues. We have various projects and ideas on the go, some of which are not at the stage of going public because they need further development first. One representation we made was to the Secretary of State in Northern Ireland who was taking views on the Consultative Group on the Past which had been chaired by Robin Eames and Denis Bradley.

We produced 10 full issues of Nonviolent News during 2009, plus e-mail supplements for January and August (so news out every month). The full ‘newsletter’ is now really a magazine averaging about 9,000 words an issue, at least so far as the e-mail and online editions are concerned, with not only the news section but columns by Larry Speight and Billy King, ‘Readings in Nonviolence’, and frequently other material. We have continued to add photos to our website-linked flikr site which we hope will eventually become an Irish ‘peace movement photo archive’.

The website has continued to flourish and be a resource not just for the wider world but also a good point for people to come into contact with INNATE. In 2008 and 2009 the website would have had an average of just under two and a half thousand unique visitors per month (2,485) with total visits averaging just under seven thousand a month (6,921). This is small compared to the mass media but, when you analyse the available data, it is clear people are downloading material of significance to them. We also receive a variety of queries about aspects of nonviolence from at home and abroad which we respond to as best we can.

2009 was not a busy year for events – our residential seminar was cancelled because of venue problems but 2010 will probably make up for it. One event which did take place, shared with the Irish School of Ecumenics in Belfast, was Tony Kempster speaking on “The Legacy of Gandhi” (this talk was subsequently published in Nonviolent News). During 2010 we will be organising a variety of programme under the overall title of The Human Cost of War, leading up to the arpillera and quilt exhibition with this title which Roberta Bacic is curating at the Tower Museum in Derry in November.

Personally I am involved in a ‘sandwich’ training for trainers course with the Women Peacemakers Program in the Netherlands on gender-sensitive active nonviolence and hope to be able to feed some of that learning into training I am involved in here.

I think we have continued to do well for an organisation with no staff, little or no funding, and no premises. That means we don’t have to find too much to keep us going though the more work we do, the more financial resources we need – and the coming year will be busy. So I would encourage you to support INNATE financially, even with a small amount, and this can be done by British or Irish cheque or using PayPal on the website.

But there are other ways people can help – providing news from your neck of the woods to include in Nonviolent News, direct participation if you’re in the greater Belfast area, promotion of INNATE wherever you are, involvement in actions and so on. If you are interested, do please get in touch.

With greetings and solidarity,

Rob Fairmichael,
Coordinator, INNATE, February 2010.


INNATE depends on subscriptions and donations for its day-to-day working. We also send out a considerable number of free copies of Nonviolent News to groups and places where it should be available but for which we are not recompensed, and the e-mail and web editions still have costs attached. Your subscription/donation is therefore very much appreciated as annual outgoings are greater than subscriptions and personal donations. We would also appreciate your comments about Nonviolent News, its existing features

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