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Dawn Train

Eleven issues of ‘Dawn Train’ appeared in the period 1982 – 1992, initially as part of Dawn (which ceased monthly publication in 1984-5) and later as part of INNATE (which was formed in 1987). Three of the issues were ‘single topic’ issues – on the Irish anti-nuclear power movement, education, and the Peace People – while the rest had a variety of different features. The contents of each are listed below.


No. 1, Spring 1982

The same but different – an appraisal of 3 traditions of Nonviolence by Robin Percival; Nonviolence in Northern Ireland – the Peace People experience by Steve McBride; Campaign focus on Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament by Peter Emerson; The Nonviolence Study Group – a participant’s and a trainer’s view by Dawn Ruth nelson, Eoin Dinan and Owen Casey; reviews, letter.

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No. 2, Spring 1983

Parents of Nonviolence – A J Muste by Larry Bond, Martin Luther King by Patrick Comerford, Dietrich Bonhoeffer by Patrick Comerford, Francis Sheehy Skeffington by Andrée Sheehy Skeffington, Michael Davitt by Leo Murray SM; Lanza Del Vasto by Wolfgang Schlupp ; Nonviolence Trainers Gathering, France May 30 June 5; Going Dutch, Going Irish – a discussion on nonviolent action, The Netherlands, training and Ireland; Gandhi’s nonviolent hunger strikes by James Healy.

Erratum: An erratum slip was included with Dawn Train 2 concerning the order of the text in the article on Martin Luther King. This is included in the PDF. Please note this was the era of printing being typed up, cut out in columns and then pasted down, and such confusion was easier to happen than now…

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No. 3, Winter 1984/1985

The nuclear syndrome, victory for the Irish anti-nuclear power movement by Simon Dalby (an edited extract from his thesis):

The Nuclear Option; Local Opposition; Nuclear Safety Association; Alternative Energy; The Intervening Years; The Controversy Rekindled…and Develops; Political Opposition; A Hot Summer; The National ANM; O’Malley Gives Ground; The Controversy Continues; A New Year, a New Minister, a New Policy; The Radicals; Mass Movement or Lobby Group?; The Carnsore Rally; Motion Sickness; In Wexford Again; To Belfast, Carnsore; Leadership and Control; A Delicate Structure?; Non-Violence; A Public Inquiry?; ANM Legacy; The Anti-Uranium Campaign; The CND Revival; Summary; Conclusions; Irish Politics; Significant Events.

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No. 4, February 1987

Education Free from Fear by Laurence Speight, forward by Tom Lovett:

1. Your Days at School; 2. Parental Perceived Benefits; 3. Church Perceived Benefits; 4. State Perceived Benefits; 5. Education Free from Fear, 6. The Learning Experience.

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No. 5, 1987

The Peace People Experience by Rob Fairmichael:

The Peace People - an Overview: The scene in 1976, The beginnings, Ideology, Structure, The rallies, Programme, Welfare, Lifeline, Reactions to the Peace People, Relationship with others, Terminology, Triumvirate and leadership, Nobel Prize, Women, Youth for Peace, Group development, The crack, Administration, Peace caused by Peace People?, The split, Since 1980.

Where the Money went; The Finances of the Peace People Community, Trust and Company, Some details, Controversy over loan write-offs, Some Trust grants, Comparisons.

The Local Experience; Andersonstown, Ballygally, Ballymena, Ballynafeigh, Botanic, Cloughfern, Derry, Dungannon, Lower Falls, Fermanagh, Finaghy, Holywood, Kilrea, Lisburn, Malone, Mountpleasent, Newry, North Circular, Rathcoole, Greater Shankill, Saintfield Road, Suffolk, Sydenham, Taughmonagh, Whitewell, Woodbreda];

Interviews; Ciaran McKeown, Derry Peace and Reconciliation Centre, Hazel Senior, Mairead Maguire, Margaret Watson, Marion Graham, Peter McLachlan.

Appendices; Further reading, Vox Pop, Southern Movement for Peace, Right of Reply, Replies.

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No. 6, 1988

Mediation – Making the big time: An introduction to mediation by Jerry Tyrell, Interview with Barry Hart, Northern Ireland Conflict and Mediation Association by Oliver Johnston, Conflict Management Services by Joan Broder, Geoffrey Corry and Sr Christina O’Neill; Conferences reports: Feminism and Nonviolence, North Atlantic Network ‘Nuclear Free Seas’; Rus v. Urbs, Rural and Urban organising, an interview with Niall Fitzduff; Anti-nuclear action in Gujarat by Narayan Desai; Short reviews; Peace people experience – writer replies; ‘Yawn’ at the end of Dawn.

The Bishopscourt Peace Camp Retrospective broadsheet which appeared with No.6 already appears separately; it contains pieces by Brendan Munnelly, Peter Emerson, Sara Whelan and Rob Fairmichael.

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No. 7, 1988

Lignite – nonviolent – Action says ‘Neagh’ to BP; Nonviolence training in the States by Lynne Shivers; Peace Forum umbrella folds, by Rob Fairmichael; ‘What a State’ broadsheet; Defence without offence broadsheet on alternative defence possibilities for Ireland including material by John Morgan; ‘Concrete Nonviolence’, INNATE conference report and papers; Sylvia Thompson reviews books on Dorothy Day and making enemies friends.

The two broadsheets appear at the end of the PDF.

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No. 8, 1989

Difficult berth for US Nuclear warship; Peace Day report by Rob Fairmichael and reply by Joanne Elliott, pictures; Desecration of Black Mountain by Laurence Speight; Irish Peace Council by Mike Garde; Prejudice reduction by Jerry Tyrrell; Alinsky organising, Rob Fairmichael reports; Goss – Mayr visit: Nonviolence as truth in action, including Corrymeela seminar reports.

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No. 9, 1990

Editorial on Nonviolent change; The wheels of change by Peter Emerson; Fredheim; Yarning from experience - some reflections (INNATE conference report) - Stop the By-pass, Sectarianism, Housing action, Campaign against hospital closures, Health and Poverty, Lignite Action – from protest to development; Drumcree pictures 1989; Dove in the belly of the beast, the American Peace movement by Lynne Shivers; Walking peacefully, Rob Fairmichael interviews Sue and Steve Williams of Quaker House; Nonviolent Methods, a review article by Rob Fairmichael.

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No. 10, 1991

A personal view of Nonviolence by Sue Williams; Observing the sons and daughters of Ulster by John Watson; Disarmament and bread queues, a Russian perspective from Peter Emerson; Social Defence Conference in Bradford in April 1990 training report by Rob Fairmichael; Christian Nonviolence – Patrick McManus reports on a workshop with June and Walter Wink; Social Defence, Bradford conference report by Rob Fairmichael; De Expeditie, international nonviolence training week in Netherlands, report by Rob Fairmichael; Changing: summary of concluding chapters from Mary Fitzduff’s thesis on what has allowed people in Northern Ireland to change Training the world, extract from IFOR minutes on worldwide trainings needs.

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No. 11, 1992

Editorial on ‘Rooting out the men of violence’; Feature on Nonviolence, culture and training: Introduction, Handel with care (Conference report) by Rob Fairmichael, Total revolution in India; No one is an island, interview with IKG Chandrasena of Sri Lanka; Insert on Observing [monitoring] – a third party nonviolent response, A report and recommendations on its relevance in Northern Ireland; Nonviolence in the African context, an interview with Stella Sabiiti by Jim Forest; Facilitating political discussion, handout material by Sue and Steve Williams; Consensus by Peter Emerson.

The report on observing [monitoring] appears at the end of the other material.

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