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Welcome to the website of INNATE - the Irish Network for Nonviolent Action Training and Education. INNATE was established as a result of the need for an umbrella group to support groups and individuals exploring nonviolent approaches to conflict issues.

About the site

This site publishes a large number of nonviolence resources including regular editions of Nonviolent News of which you can read the current edition here.

Use the menu on the left hand side to view other useful material including posters, pamphlets, workshop ideas and other nonviolence resources. You can also view back issues of Nonviolent News, editorials and articles from our regular contributor Billy King.

Older issues of Nonviolent News are available online. Numbers 58 - 107 are available on the old INNATE website (click on 'Nonviolent News' on the top bar). Numbers 1-57 (before Nonviolent News was online) are available as PDFs. The first issue appeared in May 1990 but it only became monthly in 1994.)


INNATE has a separate Flickr page for photos, to which we are gradually adding INNATE and other peace movement pictures (additional photos welcome, please contact us). Click on the flickr link or photos on the right to go straight to our photos.

Irish Peace Trails

A number of different organisations, including INNATE, are cooperating together in developing peace trails for around the island of Ireland. This section will provide information on where things stand. As well as currently working on Belfast, Derry and Dublin, ideas for inclusion are welcome from anywhere in Ireland, the Republic or Northern Ireland. Please see the Concept Paper for further details and contacts

Background to INNATE
The organisations acts as a network linking those committed to, or interested in, explicitly nonviolent action and training. [You can read about the concept of 'nonviolence' in this introduction.] Some, but not all, of INNATE's work is essentially intertwined with community relations and the development of a nonviolent response to areas of community tension.

In the context of 'peace' work, INNATE insists that a radical concept of nonviolence and nonviolent action, learning from both Irish and International experience, offers much in addressing the conflict in
Northern Ireland.

You can find out more about the organisation and read our annual reports by clicking here. If you have any questions please email use at

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