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Dawn Train

Number 176: February 2010

Raytheon leaving Derry

[As reported in the January e-mail/web supplement] Missile-manufacturer Raytheon have announced the closure of their computer software plant in Springtown by the end of February (announcement made 13th January). This almost certainly means the end of its presence in Northern Ireland. While employment has recently been cut to single figures, and Raytheon explains its Derry closure in terms of consolidation, it is certain that this move would not have happened without the determined opposition to the presence of this world-leader in weapons of death and destruction. It looks like, following the trial and general acquittal of the Raytheon 9, the firm felt they did not have the law behind them. While the plant dealt with computer software – an essential element in any modern weapons systems - Raytheon (and others) initially lied to the public by stating that it was only engaged in civil, rather than military contracts; this was disproved by former employees. Congratulations to FEIC/Foyle Ethical Investment Campaign, Derry Anti-War Coalition and all involved. Meanwhile nine women are due up in court again on 8th March for entering the plant during the bombing campaign on Palestine a year ago. See interview with FEIC members in this issue.


Eight years after the U.S. military were given the use of Shannon Airport for the invasion of Iraq the airport continues to play a vital part in two wars. Around 5000 troops plus their weapons go through the airport every week, as do contracted cargo planes and other military aircraft on their way to and from Iraq and Afghanistan. The airport is also known to have been used by the CIA as part of their worldwide networks of kidnapping and torture. Shannonwatch is a group of peace & human rights activists based in the mid-West of Ireland that campaigns to end the U.S. military use of Shannon and to stop rendition flights through the airport. It also seeks to obtain accountability from the Irish government for complicity in human rights abuse and for the decisions to support wars that are both illegal and immoral. It records military and suspected CIA traffic through the airport and publishes summaries on its website Shannonwatch holds regular monthly vigils at Shannon to draw attention to the airport's complicity in war and human rights abuse; these take place on the second Sunday of the month from 2 to 3pm. Groups and individuals from around the country are invited to join these peaceful demonstrations. The next one which is on Valentines Day, February 14th, will use the symbol of a black heart to show that it is war, and not love, that is being promoted at Shannon. For details, contact 087 8225087 or email

Corrymeela – more building work

The Cottages and Village at Corrymeela, Ballycastle, closed at the end of January and the building of new residential accommodation for 42 people will start at the end of February. Accommodation will therefore be restricted for some 15 months. A wind turbine will soon be erected on the site. A brochure of open events for 2010 for both the Corrymeela Centre and Knocklayd is about to be published. Ray Davey, Founder of Corrymeela, had his 95th birthday in January. Contact: Corrymeela, 8 Upper Crescent, Belfast BT7 1NT, ph 028 – 90508080, e-mail, and website The subscription to become a Friend of Corrymeela (who receive Corrymeela magazine) is £26 waged (€33/US$50), £13 unwaged (€16/US$25).

Prejudice and Pride

“Defeated intellectually, prejudice lingers emotionally” - The Irish Peace Centres (IPC) biennial conference will be held in La Mon Hotel, Belfast on Tuesday, March 30th and Wednesday, 31st 2010. The conference will explore the role of prejudice and its impact for peace-building both in Northern Ireland and in other conflict regions. It will consider the various manifestations of prejudice such as sectarianism and racism, the vested interests surrounding it, ways of combating it and identifying pathways towards a society free of prejudice. Speakers confirmed to date include Anna Lo MLA, Duncan Morrow (CRC), Bernadette McAliskey (STEP), Chen Alon (Israel), Nouraddin Shehadah (Palestine), Nenad Sebek (Balkans), Kenneth Bush (INCORE), Maureen Hetherington (Towards Understanding and Healing), Peter Tatchell (Human Rights activist), Wilhelm Verwoerd (IPC), Theatre of Witness, Alistair Little (IPC). Entertainment will be provided by Different Drums. Further information, including brochures and booking forms, are available from or See also The Irish Peace Centres is a consortium of 4 peace-building organisations - Co-operation Ireland, Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation, The Donegal Peace Centre at An Teach Ban and the Corrymeela Community.

The Organic Centre

The Organic Centre in Rossinver, Co. Leitrim is a non profit organisation set up in 1995, with the aim of providing public education, training and information about organic growing and sustainable living. The Centre is located on a 19 acre site in Rossinver, Co Leitrim, and we have outreach centres in Co. Clare and Co. Wicklow. We run workshops on organic horticulture, gardening, green building, alternative energy, and artisan food production. The Centre is a recognised eco-tourism destination. Our facilities include demonstration gardens & polytunnels, an orchard & soft fruit area with heritage varieties and an eco-shop selling organic seeds, garden tools, books, and seasonal vegetables.

Projects run by the Centre include Community Food Projects funded by the HSE and a full-time course in organic horticulture supported by FAS. In the past The Organic Centre has organised a cross-border schools programme and women’s cross-community projects promoting peace through gardening together, funded by the Programme for Peace and Reconciliation and the IFI. We enjoy the support of a wide network of friends. Our Friends Scheme offers a range of benefits including free entry to our gardens and open days, gardening advice, and 10% discount on shop & seed sales, and training courses. Our online shop for quick and easy shopping is on our website. The Centre is open daily from 10am to 5pm. Our annual Potato Day is on Sunday March 14th from 11am – 5 pm. Tours of the centre and workshops for groups can be booked. For more information ph 071-9854338, e-mail: and website:

‘Be the change’ at Drumalis

"Be the Change" - a weekend event at Drumalis, Larne, from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th February (main events on Saturday); an exploration into the underlying causes and possible solutions to the critical planetary issues of our time – “Towards an ecologically sustainable, socially just, spiritually fulfilling approach to life on the planet”. £75 residential, £50 non-residential, Saturday only £10. Coming up at Drumalis from 13th – 18th July; “The other way round – Revisioning our beliefs in an emerging universe”, retreat with Anne Harnett and Margaret Rose McSperran. Further information: ph 028 – 28272196 e-mail website:

INCORE 11th International Summer School 2010

INCORE (International Conflict Research Institute) at the University of Ulster invites you to the 11th International Summer School which will run from 7th-11th June at the Magee Campus in Derry. The INCORE Summer School provides a structured learning opportunity to analyse the dynamic and constantly changing field of conflict resolution and peacebuilding; the three courses to choose from his year are Peacemaking and Peacebuilding: Exploring the Lessons Learned from Northern Ireland, Evaluation in Conflict Prone Settings, and Interpersonal Reconciliation after Violent Political Conflict. For more information visit the website INCORE contacts; e-mail ph 028 7137 5500. INCORE, University of Ulster, Aberfoyle House, Northland Road, Derry/Londonderry BT48 7JL.

The Transitional Justice Institute (TJI) at the University of Ulster will be running their Summer School entitled "Gender, Conflict and Transition" in the same week as the INCORE Summer School.

Radical booksellers take on Amazon

Housmans, one of Britain's oldest and last-remaining radical bookshops [and the nearest peace-and-nonviolence bookshop to Ireland - Ed], is attempting to turn the tide in online bookselling by offering an alternative service to that of market-dominating Amazon. Amazon has a record of abusing its position of market dominance by forcing publishers to supply them with books under value, and also from actively stopping its workers from unionising, further increasing their profits. Housmans’ history as the bookshop of the peace movement in Britain makes it the ideal candidate to take on the corporation, and it can now provide over half a million titles by mail order. Books can be shipped worldwide, with secure payment. Visit

War Resisters on nonviolent livelihood struggle and global militarism

War Resisters International recently completed a conference, with Indian partners, having 175 participants from 32 countries; “What resonated throughout the conference were the amazing parallels that can be seen across the world. People engaged in myriad struggles across the world discover the irrefutable link between “development”, mining and industrialisation, arms manufacture and trade, militarism and war profiteering on the one hand, and displacement, loss of livelihoods, assault on traditional lifestyles and state violence on the other.” See for further details including the conference statement and background reader.

Talk about Mordechai Vanunu at Peace People

Meir Vanunu, his brother, will speak about Mordechai Vanunu and his call to be allowed to leave Israel, at a meeting on Tuesday 9th February from 7.30 pm at Fredheim, 224 Lisburn Road, Belfast. Mordechai Vanunu is the Israeli former nuclear technician, who citing his opposition to weapons of mass destruction, revealed details of Israel’s nuclear weapons programme to the British press in 1986; kidnapped in Italy, he spent 18 years in prison and continues to live under severe restrictions. Peace People, 224 Lisburn Road, Belfast ph 028 - 90 663475.

Still, the blackbird sings

With the subtitle “Incidents at Ebrington Barracks”, Dave Duggan’s play re-invents dramatic events in the life of the poet-soldier Francis Ledwidge, with hard questions being asked which are very relevant today. Francis Ledwidge, sometimes referred to as the ‘poet of the blackbirds’, was an Irish nationalist who joined the British Army and was killed on the opening day of the Third Battle of Ypres in the First World War. Written by Dave Duggan, directed by Caitríona McLaughlin, and produced by Jonathan Burgess in a Playhouse production, “Still, the blackbird sings” is on as follows; Playhouse Theatre, Derry 25th – 27th February (plus matinee on 26th February); Project Arts Centre, Dublin 1st – 6th March (matinee on 6th March); Balor Arts Centre, Ballybofey, 9th March (including matinee); An Culúrlann, Belfast, 11th – 12th March (Matinee 12th March); Ebrington Barracks, Derry, 13th – 14th March.


It’s all continuing to happen in Rossport regarding the Shell to Sea Campaign. Rossport Solidarity Camp’s mid-January update covered a lot of ground which we won’t repeat but see in general, for a blog on living in the camp, and for a court report on cases recently. You can sign a petition calling for the suspension of work and look out for "The Pipe" Documentary which should hit cinemas this year

in the story of the controversial Corrib Gas project told through the eyes of locals – see

Cultivate programme

As always there is lots to choose from in the current programme from Cultivate who are at their new premises, The Greenhouse, St Andrew Street, Dublin 2. For information and for bookings please ph 01-6745773. One series to look out for - along with a variety of practical courses - is “All you need to know about climate change”, a four week workshop with Gavin Harte that explorers the science, causes, impacts and responses to climate change, taking place on Thursdays 25th March to 15th April from 7.30 – 9 pm, fee €60 with 20% discount for Cultivate Members. For more details on all the courses see

INNATE networking group meets next on Weds17th Feb at 7pm in Corrymeela House, 8 Upper Crescent, Belfast – all welcome.

Engendering discussion of violence and nonviolence

Rob Fairmichael talks about gender, masculinity, nonviolence and violence, following a course he attended in December 2009 with the Women Peacemakers Program (WPP) in the Netherlands on “Overcoming Violence - Exploring Masculinities, Violence and Peace”.

This is followed by the “Call to Men and Boys” put together by the group.

Please click on this link to the PDF


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