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Nonviolence News


Early issues of Nonviolent News (1 to 57)

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Issue 57: 5th March 1998
Pax Christi Route; Glencree, Alternatives to Violence Project; Earthwatch, Toxic dump, CRD closes. IVS; Peace People; CRC Directory, Peace Congress, One World Centre

Issue 56: 10th February 1998
FOR closes, Multi-Cultural Resource Centre, Emmanuel Charles McCarthy, Crossing borders, Churches Peace Education, Against war in Iraq, Kilcranny House, Church and Peace, gender and development, Burma Action Ireland, WRI

Issue 55: 9th December 1997
CAJ (Committee on the Administration of Justice), new publications on Policing, Parades and Human Rights; Conflict Research Project, Comhlamh Conflict Research Group; Peace and Reconciliation Group - Derry course on conflict and mediation process; Peace People Youth Department; Borda Institute Wave Trauma Centre; One World Centre; Sonairte National Ecological Centre; Women Together.

Issue 54: 11th November 1997
Belfast Friends of Earth (FOE); Wave Trauma Training; Enniskillen Together; Voluntary Groups for Peace and Dialogue “Pursuing Peace”; Women’s Studies Centre; One World Centre; Faith and Politics Group; John Darby and Minority Rights Group; Amnesty International.

Issue 53: 9th October 1997
Women Together, ‘Stamp Out Sectarianism’; Comhlamh Conflict Research Group; Meath Peace Group; The Cost of the Troubles; Rescue Trust; INCORE Initiative on Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity; NODE Network Outreach in Development Education; Comhlamh; Housmans Diary.

Issue 52: 9th September 1997
AVP Alternatives to Violence Programme; AFrI Action for Ireland; PPU Peace Pledge Union white poppies; Comhlamh Conflict Research Group; Irish Energy Centre; Christian Communities assembly; Amnesty International; Irish School of Ecumenics and Magee College Peace studies; Institute for Feminism and Religion.

Issue 51: 1st August 1997
Glencree Centre for Reconciliation; European Peace University Ireland; Comhlamh Conflict Research Group; Irish CND, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament; Corrymeela; Nobel Peace Prize Laureates for Nonviolence decade; PBI, Peace Brigades International; The Northern Ireland Cycling Initiative and The Dublin Cycling Campaign.

Issue 50: 23rd June 1997
Amnesty International; Christian Nonviolence Group annual fast; Kilcranny House; Peace People; War Resisters International; Institute of Irish Studies, Jewish and Israeli folklore; Pax Christi Ireland; Pax Christi Britain, Editorial on Summer of Discontent.

Issue 49: 8th May 1997
Cain Adamnain/Law of the Innocents; UCD Dept of Sociology Congress on Violence and Human Coexistence; Mediation Network for Northern Ireland; Churches’ Peace Education Programme; An Crann/ The Tree; AFrI Action for Ireland; IFOR International Fellowship Of Reconciliation and IPB International Peace Bureau; PPU Peace Pledge Union; Meath Peace Group; Peace People peace walk; De Expeditie; Peace Congress Osnabruck.

Issue 48: 8th April 1997
Chernobyl Children’s Project; De Borda Institute; INCORE and Ethnic Studies Network; VSI, Voluntary Service International, IVS, International Voluntary Service; (CAJ) Committee on the Administration of Justice; ICCL Irish Council for Civil Liberties; Community Relations Council Skills Guide for Community Relations Work in NI; KADE, Kerry Action for Development Education; (CPR) Coalition for Peace and Reconciliation.

Issue 47: 6th March 1997
Corrymeela Niwano Peace Prize; Right to Hope Trust (South Africa), INCORE, Derry City Council and Holywell Trust; AFrI Action for Ireland; Belfast Friends of Earth (FOE); (NIEL) Northern Ireland Environmental Link; Responding to Conflict - Birmingham; War Resisters International (WRI); Amnesty International.

Issue 46: 14th February 1997
Life Foundation School of Therapeutics seminar; Eucharistic Adoration Retreat on Gospel Nonviolence; FOR Fellowship Of Reconciliation; National Peace Council; Peace People; Nonviolent Action Training project; Gathering Vision/ Gathering Strength; East Timor Ireland Solidarity Campaign; Women Together’s peace quilt; Gorleben Peace team; War Resisters International (WRI).

Issue 45: 10th December 1996
PANA, Peace and Neutrality Alliance; Peace Education Resources Centre; Dromahair European Peace University; Anna Livia local radio; Peace People Fast; Church Women; Housmans Diary and World Peace Directory; ‘Environment Bulletin’; INNATE.

Issue 44: 7th November 1996
(CAJ) Committee on the Administration of Justice; Youth Action; Peace People; East Timor Solidarity Campaign; Peace News; (TFS) Tools for Solidarity; KADE, Kerry Action for Development Education; Cave Hill Conservation Campaign; KURVE Wustrow Germany training; Balkan Peace Team.

Issue 43: 2nd October 1996
(AVP) Alternatives to Violence Project; Kilcranny House; Peace People; Amnesty International; Sonairte, National Ecological Centre; Irish Fairtrade Network; Women Together; Green Party; INCORE, Ethnic Studies Network.

Issue 42: 5th September 1996
Wink workshops; Pax Christi; STOP ’96 (Solidarity to organise peace) course in Canada; INNATE seminar; Mediation Network for Northern Ireland; Dóchas, the Assembly of Irish Non- Governmental Development Organizations; PPU Peace Pledge Union white poppies; East Timor Solidarity Campaign; NACCAN, National Association of Christian Communities and Networks; Women Together.

Issue 41: 2nd August 1996
AFrI, Action for Ireland; Hiroshima and Nagasaki commemorations; Ulster artistic community Citizen Assembly, Rostrevor Cross-Cultural Group; (PFC) Pat Finucane Centre and (CAJ) Committee on the Administration of Justice; Glencree Centre for Reconciliation Summer School; Eucharistic Adoration Retreat on Christian Nonviolence; One World Centre; McLibel Support Campaign.

Issue 40: 3rd July 1996
Campaign Against US Foreign Policy; Centre for the Study of Conflict; Northern Ireland Environment Link; Saor-Ollscoil na hÉireann peace studies course; Glencree Centre and Mustard Seed; (CAJ) Committee on the Administration of Justice, fair employment ; Bloody Sunday Justice Campaign; Christian Nonviolence Movement; Nipponzan Myohoji peace walk; Church and Peace Conference; Balkan Peace Team.

Issue 39: 10th June 1996
Corrymeela Centre Rebuild; Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF); Marshall Rosenberg and Nonviolent Communication; National Peace Council Britain; Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) ‘chance your arm’; Peace People chair changes; Women Together founder dies; Forum for Community Work Education; INCORE (Initiative on Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity) School for Ethnic Conflict Training; Climate Petition, Irish Council of Churches; Real World Coalition.

Issue 38: 3rd May1996
European Peace University Ireland; Glencree Summer School; Irish School of Rehabilitation of Torture Survivors; International Voluntary Service (IVS) Teenage Workcamp; AFrI, Action for Ireland; Sonairte National Ecology Centre; Pax Christi Route; IFOR International Fellowship Of Reconciliation and IPB International Peace Bureau action packet; Fair Trade Day; Amnesty International (AI) Campaign on China; ECPCR European Conference on Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution.

Issue 37: 4thApril 1996
Chernobyl Children’s Project; ; International Voluntary Service (IVS) International Workcamps; Ways out of conflict- Resources for community relations works; Pax Christi Tralee; Landmines ban, Pax Christi and Oxfam; Nestle Boycott; Jotter/copybook for peace; Debt and Development Coalition ‘Parish pack’; Compassion in World Farming (CIWF).

Issue 36: 8th March 1996
Peace Process, Cease process, trade unions and Women Together; Glencree political workshop; Organic Centre Leitrim; ‘Yes, you do count’ teaching programme ICJP, Irish Commission for Justice and Peace; Friends of Earth change office; Freedom Art Exhibition, Amnesty International; East Timor Support Group; Kerry Action for Development Education (KADE); FAIT Families Against Intimidation and Terror; Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) and Peace News guide to repression trade; Churches Peace Forum Programme to Overcome Violence; Sellafield Womens Peace camp; CND Non-violent Resistance Network; INNATE Graphics Library.

Issue 35: 5th February 1996
‘What is going on?’ INNATE workshop; Citizen Coalition of Ireland, Finglas Human Right Group; Corrymeela Summerfest; AVP Alternative to Violence Project; Human Rights report, CAJ (Committee on the Administration of Justice); Churches’ Peace Education Programme; New addresses INCORE, Peace and Reconciliation Group and Women Together; Peace People 18-30 residential at Kilcranny; Pax Christi Annual General Meeting; Minority Rights Group International report by John Darby; International Fellowship of Reconciliation (IFOR) Council Meeting; WRI/ Peace News new editorial production worker.

Issue 34: 3rd December 1995
Amnesty International (AI), in the Republic, in the North; PANA Peace and Neutrality Alliance; Women Together ‘Friendship seat’, ‘Light a candle on Christmas eve’; Pax Christi Annual Peace mass; Centre for the Study of Conflict, University of Ulster’s’ “Political Rituals: Loyalist Parades in Portadown”; NI Environment Link; Christian Ecology Link; STAD, Stop THORP Alliance Dundalk.

Issue 33: 6th November 1995
Democratic Dialogue ‘New Thinking for New Times’ report; Debt and Development Coalition Ireland; Gun-free Northern Ireland campaign, Peace People; Common Ground, the magazine of alternative living; Northern Ireland Cycling Initiative (NICI); Prospects for Peace, National Peace Council; “Peer Mediation in Primary Schools” new book of Centre for the Study of Conflict, University of Ulster; “Where lies the compromise? An experiment in decision making”, Fortnight Educational Trust; Transforming Conflict Course, Mediation Network for Northern Ireland; Methodist Peacemakers; IFOR, International Fellowship Of Reconciliation new appointments; COPEX legally attack people associated with CAAT Campaign Against the Arms Trade.

Issue 32: 6th October 1995
AFrI Action for Ireland “Great Famine Project”; Green Party – Can we have full employment and no growth?; Mediators Institute Ireland; Marshall Rosenberg and Nonviolent Communication; Pat Finucane Centre on Apprentice Boys Parade; WAVE “Towards Healing”; Columbanus Community of Reconciliation “The journey of Forgiveness”; Corrymeela “Journey of Hope”; Quaker Peace Education Project Developing Untried Strategies; Ken Saro-Wiwa; Institute for War and Peace Report (IWPR); Peace Brigades International (PBI); Women Together; Trauma Centre Workshop;.

Issue 31: 12th September 1995
IVS International Voluntary Service Conflict Resolution Training Course; Corrymeela reconstruction fundraising; Glencree Centre for Reconciliation; Peace Train Organization; Holistic Nonviolence at Kilcranny; Pax Christi “Building Peace: the inward journey” course; World Youth Assembly in Northern Ireland; “Crime and Punishment in West Belfast” by Liam Kennedy; Housmans Peace Diary; Peace Pledge Union (PPU) white poppies; Palestinian Centre for the Study of Nonviolence.

Issue 30: 1st August 1995
East Timor Ireland Solidarity Campaign; Glencree summer school “Decommissioning Mindsets”; Kilcranny House 10 years old; CND/Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament; Protesting Nuclear Tests in the Pacific; AVP Alternatives to Violence Project Workshops; Mediation Network for Northern Ireland; Women Together Talking/ listening circles; Action Committee of Jahalin Tribe (ACJT).

Issue 29: 6th July 1995
Youth for Peace cycling Malin to Mizen; Horseshoe Ecology Centre; Prayers and fasting for the truth of Christian Nonviolence; PACE (Protestant and Catholic Encounter) report on release of politically motivated ex prisoners; LIFE Foundation School of Therapeutics; IVS International Voluntary Service; Green Newsletter; “Working with Conflict” Responding to Conflict course; WCC/World Council of Churches “Programme to overcome violence”; Neve Shalom/ Wahat al-Salam Palestine-Israel cooperative village; Death of Christina O’Neill.

Issue 28: 6th June 1995
Chernobyl Children’s Project; Belfast Friends of Earth (FOE); Irish CND/Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament; (NIACRO) Northern Ireland Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders; Youth Action Northern Ireland; “Resources for Reconciliation”, Drumalis Retreat Centre; Peace News, WRI Women, RI Reconciliation International; Pax Christi International, Church and Peace; Peace Train Seminar; AFrI Action for Ireland; Youth for Peace cycling Malin to Mizen.

Issue 27: 9th May 1995
Corrymeela Centre Major work; CAJ (Committee on the Administration of Justice), “No emergency, No emergency law”; (NIACRO) Northern Ireland Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders; Northern Ireland Environmental Link; Women Together; Violence Against Women, Ballycastle Declaration; Peace Studies, Magee College; Irish School of Ecumenics; “Future Ways” University of Ulster and Understanding Conflict Trust; Balkan Peace Team (BPT).1995_05_09_nn.PDF

Issue 26: 8th April 1995
Fortnight Educational Trust “Where lies the compromise?”; Mediation Network for Northern Ireland; Corrymeela Community Knocklayd; Lessons from South Africa; “Restorative Justice”, Ulster Quaker Service Committee; PACE (Protestant and Catholic Encounter) general meeting; Academic Research on Conflict, Centre for the Study of Conflict; Ethnic Studies Network, INCORE- Initiative on Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity, Irish Peace Institute Research; “Women as peacemakers” Irish Council of Churches; Towards a global alliance of peace services; Peace People; IFOR International Fellowship Of Reconciliation.

Issue 25: 16th March 1995
Fellowship Of Reconciliation (FOR) “New ways of working” Nonviolence training; Earthwatch (Friends of Earth Ireland); Baba Amte and his work; IVS International Voluntary Service Conflict Resolution Seminar; Focusing Centre for Creative Living workshops; Pax Christi 50th Anniversary; INCORE, Initiative on Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity lecture on Caribbean Conflict; “Healing the wounds of our society”; KADE Kerry Action for Development Education.

Issue 24: 22nd February 1995
Nonviolent Communication, Marshall Rosenberg; Churches’ Peace Education Programme; Fellowship Of Reconciliation (FOR) Call for Peace; EMU Promoting School Project/Ulster Quaker Peace Education Project; Eucharistic Adoration Retreat on Christian Nonviolence; PBI, Peace Brigades International; One World Centre for Northern Ireland’s guide booklet; CAJ (Committee on the Administration of Justice); Multi-Cultural Resource Centre; Pax Christi.

Issue 23: 12th December 1994
Churches’ Peace Education Programme New Secondary School Peace Packs; CAJ (Committee on the Administration of Justice) campaign on Casement Park Prisoners; Irish Human Rights Handbook; Monitoring the ceasefire from Britain; Corrymeela; ICTU, Irish Congress of Trade Unions; “Welcoming diversity-from prejudice to partnership” workshop, NCBI National Coalition Building Institute; “Beyond Hate - living with our differences”; ‘De Expeditie’ International Nonviolent Training; Amnesty on Death Penalty; Walk across Europe for a nuclear-free world; International Fellowship Of Reconciliation (IFOR) Peacemaking teams; Churches and Peace.

Issue 22: 7th November 1994
Ulster Quaker Peace Education Project-EMU Education for Mutual Understanding; Peace People and The Citizen Magazine; Mediation Network for Northern Ireland; Buddhist pilgrimage for Peace and Life; Corrymeela Programme; Consensus workshop, NAT (Nonviolent Action Training Project); “Tackling the scourge of landmines”; Campaign to protect Children under Embargoes; East Timor Solidarity Campaign; PBI, Peace Brigades International; Stop the Hawks – No arms to Indonesia.

Issue 21: 7th October 1994
Glencree Centre for Reconciliation open again; CAJ (Committee on the Administration of Justice) for Human Rights; Peace People “People’s Campaign for Community Democracy”; (AVP) Alternative to Violence Project; VSI Voluntary Service International action for change Calendar; Peace People Kilcranny, Newcastle Group Nonviolence Programme; (IVS) Conflict Resolution Course; “Network” meeting; Pax Christi; John Woolman poster, FOR Fellowship of Reconciliation; Housmans Peace Diary; National Peace Council; Balkan Peace Team.

Issue 20: 18h September 1994
Ceasefire!; Chernobyl Children’s Project gives more aid than UN; Churches Peace Education Programme; IFOR International Fellowship of Reconciliation celebrates 75 years; Common Ground; Peace Brigades International; Just Books Closed; WRI War Resisters International’s Women Group not attending Beijing UN women conference.

Issue 19: 7th July 1994
Initiative ’92 (Opsahl Commission); “Network” meeting; “Rights and Responsibility- a practical guide to the criminal law in Northern Ireland” by Donna McCann, Peace People; “Power sharing and the administration of power” conference report; NICO Education Services; Vigil for Hope; Justice - another victim of violence, PACE’s conference; Baby Milk Action Campaign; East Timor Solidarity Group; Church and Peace conference; Housmans Peace Diary; “The Foyle directory of community groups and associations” by Peace and Reconciliation Group; Common Ground new magazine; (ASPR) Austrian Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution; Gandhi Information Centre in Berlin; Gandhi Foundation in Britain.

Issue 18: 15h June 1994
Peace Brigades International Training; Global Peace Service report; South Africa lessons for Northern Ireland, INNATE; IFOR International Fellowship of Reconciliation 75th Anniversary; AVP Alternative to Violence Project; Mediation Network for Northern Ireland; Community Relations Council guide; Behold the Lamb- 6 days silent Eucharistic adoration retreat; Building a Culture of Peace, World Council of Churches consultation; Observing Conference, INNATE; Ireland South Africa Association (ISAA); Balkan Peace Team; Peace and Reconciliation Group annual report Derry; (WRI) War Resisters International Triennial in Sáo Paulo, Brazil.

Issue 17: 16th March 1994
130 monitors from Ireland to South Africa; INNATE’s conference on observing; IFOR(International Fellowship of Reconciliation) 75th anniversary; Friends of the Earth Peatland campaign; “Jobs and the Environment”, Earthwatch’s seminar; Conflict Mediation Network; Landmines Campaign; Peoples Peace Talks – Peace People series; Denis Barritt remembered, FOR; Pax Christi Britain.

Issue 16: 7th February 1994
AFrI (Action from Ireland) Doolough walk; Vigil of Hope, Downing Street Declaration; CMN Conflict Mediation Network, Jean Paul Lederach; Centre for the Study of Conflict seminars; Pax Christi annual Peace Mass; IVS International Voluntary Service work with refugees in Ex- Yugoslavia; Peace Brigades International; Eternal Flame of Peace; FOR Fellowship of Reconciliation; Church and Peace conference; INNATE observing networking.

Issue 15: 21st January 1994
“Observing: a new response to community tension”, INNATE conference; Corymeela’s Summerfest; Network, Peace Justice coalition; Denis Barritt Evening; Peace People Talks; Amnesty Northern Ireland lawyers group; Behold the lamb - 6 days silent Eucharistic adoration retreat; War Resisters International Peace News; De Expeditie International Summer Training for Nonviolence; VSI Voluntary Service International; Centre for the Study of Conflict Research , Coleraine; Peace Brigades International European Training for Nonviolence; Understanding Conflict Project, Centre for the Study of Conflict, University of Ulster; Balkan Peace team; Working with Conflict course Selly Oak Colleges, England; Manifesto against conscription and the military system; Antimilitarist delegation to Turkish-Kurdistan.

Issue 14: 12th November 1993
Community day for unifying peace; Christian Nonviolence pack, Pax Christi and Fellowship of Reconciliation; New peace, justice coalition in the north; (QPEP) Quaker Peace Education Project; Torkel Opsahl Tribute, Queen’s University Belfast; Justice and Conflict Resolution for Youth; Power sharing and the Administration of Power, Green Party; Youth for Peace Fast ,Peace People; Sectarianism Documents, Irish Inter Church Meeting; International Peace Forest; (PPU) Peace Pledge Union on Northern Ireland; Dennis Barritt death.
COMMENT: “Violence upsurge Peace upsurge” Rob Fairmichael
INTERNATIONAL ISSUE: Living with Chernobyl; Making nuclear weapons illegal; Peace Brigades International; Balkans Support Group; Boycott Nestlé, IFOR International Fellowship of Reconciliation; Church and Peace Volunteer for Germany; Coalition for Peace and Reconciliation in Cambodia.

Issue 13: 29thApril 1993
Observing project for situations of potential conflict, INNATE; Peace ’93; Hope and hopelessness in (former) Yugoslavia talk; Summer Training in Nonviolent Theory and Practice, George Lakey, Kilcranny; Peace Brigades International Irish Group; Nonviolence and the Environment; War Resisters International Council meeting in Verona; Pax Christi cross-border walk; Burma; Working with Conflict; (NCP) National Peace Council updated pack on Northern Ireland; “The Peace Kit” published by Quaker Home; Frank Wright death.

Issue 12: 29th January 1993
Irish CND Commitment to Children of Chernobyl; Creative Responses to Conflict, Jean Paul Lederach in Belfast; Corrymeela Community new leader; Alternative to Violence Programme; Quaker Peace Education Project, “Wee people - conflict resolution skills in primary schools”; International Fellowship of Reconciliation meeting in Quito, Ecuador; Neve Shalom/ Wahat al-Salam summer workshops Israel; “De Expedite” summer International Training Netherlands; CAAT Campaign Against Arms Trade; Catherine Hanna given Pat Johnston Award; Peace People volunteer; IVS International Voluntary Service is looking for volunteers in Croatia; Anti-Nuclear Fast, IPB International Peace Bureau; Tibet Support Group; “Women overcoming violence” conference in Thailand, WRI Women’s group.

Issue 11: 2nd October 1993
“Observing - a third party nonviolent response”, INNATE report; “Nonviolence and third party intervention” Dawn Train INNATE publication; INNATE Networking meeting; FOR Fellowship of Reconciliation essay competition on “Place of Christian Nonviolence in Northern Ireland”; Peace Education Resource Centre and Churches Peace Education Programme; Women Together for Peace; Conflict Mediation Network new director; “Right to live and work free from intimidation, violence and death”, Irish Congress of Trade Unions; Forum for Catholic Peace Activists; International Peace Forest; IFOR Nonviolence Education and Training Project; White poppies, Peace Pledge Union; Northern Ireland ‘Rights to Peace’, National Peace Council; Working Volunteers for Croatia, IVS International Voluntary Service; ‘Beyond Hate’, Fingerpost; IFOR Council meeting in Quito, Ecuador.

Issue 10: 8h June 1992
War Resisters International Women’s Conference in Bangkok; INNATE nonviolence picnic; National Peace Council Northern Ireland pack; IVS International Voluntary Service and VSI Voluntary Service International; INNATE volunteer secretariat wanted; Mark Chapman for PBI Peace Brigade International in Sri Lanka; CMN Conflict Mediation Network; Peace People Development; Peace Train Organization new staff; PACE Protestant And Catholic Encounter; Women Together; Initiative ‘92 on the road; Trident Summer School; “Reconnaitre et Gerer ma violence” (acknowledging and dealing with my own violence) French workshop in Cassagne-Begonhes; British-based Ploughshares Support group.

Issue 9: 8th April 1992
Fellowship of Reconciliation in Ireland (FORI); Anti sectarianism seminars Community Relations Council; Pax Christi Anniversary; Servas international traveller/host system; Petition against nuclear testing in the Pacific; “Swords into Ploughshares” nonviolent action video; Six days walk for peaceful future in Middle East; Disarmament camp in Sweden; Neve Shalom/ Wahat al-Salam School for Peace.

Issue 8: 12th March 1992
The right to live and work, Trade Unions’ rallies; People First/Meitheal Irish CND/ Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament; Initiative ‘92 on the road; ENCORE/ European Network for Conflict Resolution in Education; Conference on Violence; Central America Week; Church and Peace European Conference; International Training for Nonviolence, ‘De Expeditie’ Netherlands; “Working with Conflict” course at Selly Oak College, Birmingham.

Issue 7: 9th December 1991
Nonviolence and Toxic waste; Tactics Brainstorm, Nonviolent Action Training project; Lurgan Interfriendship; Fellowship of Reconciliation and Pax Christi on Christian Nonviolence pack; Pax Christi events; International Solidarity; “Consensus voting system”, Peter Emerson; Boycott Nestle.

Issue 6: 13th September 1991
CAJ (Committee on the Administration of Justice) and FAIT ( Families Against Intimidation and Terror) for Civil Rights; The other talks, Queen’s University Students Union; Community Relations Course; Northern Ireland Peace Quilts, Women Together; “Praying peace and doing justice” lectures and discussion by Pax Christi; Peace People concern over more Emergency law; Sanctuary at Newry; IFOR International Fellowship of Reconciliation nonviolence education and training project; (WRI) War Resisters International Triennial.

Issue 5: 14th June 1991
Enough - campaign against the concept of legitimate targets, Peace Train Organisation; “War Poverty Neutrality - is there a link?” Pax Christi seminar; INNATE observers on the street again; Education for Peace Conference, Educational Studies Association of Ireland and Irish Peace Institute, University of Limerick; Conflict Mediation Network “Conflict Roadshow”; Death of Jean Goss; Corrymeela Summerfest; INNATE members to be revealed; “Dealing with Prejudice”, Quaker Peace Education Project Magee College; Nonviolent Action Training project at the end.

Issue 4: 19th March 1991
Corrymeela Summerfest, Living for a chance; Cooperation North, Peace for Ireland Campaign; Peace People open day Kilcranny; INNATE observers; Women Together; Centre for the Study of Conflict annual report; “Turning back the stream of war”, Mount Oliver Institute; Community Relations Council; International Training for Nonviolence, ‘De Expeditie’ Netherlands; (WRI) War Resisters International Triennial.; PBI Peace Brigades International in Sri Lanka; Development Cooperation, Learning and Doing; Hildegard Goss-Mayr receives Niwano Peace Prize (Japan).

Issue 3: 12th December 1990
INNATE working group on observing; Appeal for Palestinian Centre for the study of Nonviolence; FAIT (Families Against Intimidation and Terror); “Personal preparation for Nonviolence” tape; Campaign for Peace in the Gulf; Community Relations Council publications; Pax Christi Conferences International Federation for Alternative Trade; “Back to the basics on Nonviolence”, INNATE conference; Global Peace Service Conference; Elias Eady visit; Social/Alternative defence; Conflict Mediation Network.

Issue 2: 8th September 1990
INNATE observers in Portadown; “Back to the basics on Nonviolence”, INNATE conference; Symbolic Peace Action; Kneecapping and Punishment shootings; PBI Peace Brigades International meeting in Belfast; INNATE launch forthcoming; PBI decide against Northern Ireland Project; Pax Christi International Conference on North; INNATE associate with War Resisters International; Estonia-Belfast Pax Christi workshop; INNATE workshop on nonviolence during an environmental activists conference; Belfast Nonviolence Support and Study group restarts; US Ireland arms link.

Issue 1: 30th May 1990
Nonviolence picnic; DFJ Drumcree Faith and Justice Group invite participants for nonviolent demonstration; IVS International Voluntary Service work/study camp; Autumn training day for INNATE; Symbolic peace action; Groups, individuals join INNATE; Broken Rifle WRI War Resisters International for sale; INNATE apply to join IFOR International Fellowship Of Reconciliation and WRI; European Peace Pilgrimage; Next Belfast networking group meeting; Campaign groups conference; AFrI Action for Ireland “Trail of tears”.

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