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mainly from 1992 until December 2020.
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We will gradually be adding material (most of which we already have available as paper copies in the shape of a pack) to this section. If you have any queries, please get in touch. We have divided the workshops into 'Nonviolence and nonviolent action' and 'Group work and dynamics'.

If you’re wondering where to start, or would like a quick ‘tour’ of the materials, read our ‘Short guide to training materials from INNATE’. See also the training map, listed at the bottom of this section.

1. Nonviolence and nonviolent action


bullet Another road: Dealing with interpersonal conflict without mediation


Approaches to conflict

Demo Discipline

Exploring Divisions

Big Boys, Big Girls: Men and violence, women and violence

Exploring violence and nonviolence

Seven controversies in nonviolent action

Nonviolence: An Introduction

Nonviolence in Ireland: A study guide

Nonviolence: Basis and forms

Nonviolence and Christian Belief

Nonviolence definitions

Nonviolent tactics workshop

Violence/nonviolence spectrum

Workshop on strategising

2. Group work and dynamics
There is a considerable amount of material on consensus in ‘Consensus for small groups’ (below). But there are many other aspects of group work and dynamics which are important in building effective groups, and, as importantly, not disenchanting those who are already interested and involved. While these may seem at times to be at one move from ‘active nonviolence’ they are actually key to practising what we preach; respect and care for all, including in our everyday working and voluntary lives and commitments and with our ‘own’ people.

heros heroines Visioning

heros heroines Heros and Heroines (May 2013)

Gender and Violence - "En-gendering violence" (October 2010)

First thoughts exercise (September 2010)

Getting the most from the meeting and workshop experience

Making a drama of a crisis

Broadbased Organising


Being an animal

'Had A Good Day At The Office, Darling?'

Signs of Mature Group Process

Consensus for small groups

Journey in Nonviolence Training
Some of the options for training and exploration plus their inter-relatedness with other options and areas are explored in this flow chart. (Complied from experience of INNATE).

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