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Nonviolence News


Annual report 2004

How does a network like INNATE measure progress? When you look at the involvement of the UK and USA – and Ireland through Shannon airport – in the counter-productive war in Iraq, and when you look at the continued political stalemate in Northern Ireland, or the lack of action on an issue like global warming, you might despair. However, despair, if it turns to anger and action, can be a positive emotion.

INNATE is various things. It is a somewhat haphazard network connected by a monthly mailing. It is also a small group based in Belfast which meets to plan and act, both in relation to INNATE itself and relevant issues. On the larger scale in the world, the assessment might be that things continue to get worse – including the increasing proximity of the effects of global warming.

On a small scale, a very small scale, INNATE continues to make progress on some issues. The numbers receiving our mailings and accessing our website continue to grow; likewise the input we make elsewhere. Like many websites, INNATE gets loads of very short hits, thousands of people who decide within seconds it is not what they are looking for. But we estimate we have an average of around twenty ‘quality’ visitors a day who spend anything from a minute upwards on the site, eight or so of whom would spend ten minutes or more (and a couple more than half an hour). The INNATE newssheet, Nonviolent News, is produced in e-mail, web, and (shorter) paper editions, and appeared its normal ten times during the year (it has now appeared ‘monthly’ for over a decade); the e-mail and web editions can run up to 8,000 words or more. We are committed to support peace, nonviolent, and campaigning initiatives on the island of Ireland – many of which relate to issues on a global scale – through covering what they are doing, and the provision of information and other resources. Each e-mail and web has a new nonviolence training workshop.

INNATE is being included in a BBC Northern Ireland ‘Citizenship’ website for 11 – 14 year olds, is going to be archived by the British Library, and will shortly be offering free e-mailings to local peace agents of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. We continue to provide resources to individuals and researchers looking for material and information on nonviolence, related issues, and groups in the field. We have tried to engage in action on issues such as the arms trade and ethical investment. We have not always had great success, as with involvement to keep AVP, the Alternatives to Violence Project, well afloat in Northern Ireland (it is thriving in the Republic).

We have been a bit remiss in getting events (meetings and seminars) together during 2004, although that is certainly not to say we have been resting on our laurels. But we do have some such events up our sleeves for 2005.

Subscriptions to INNATE have not been meeting our normal running costs and they have therefore been increased but still remain quite modest. The paper edition of Nonviolent News remains our biggest outgoing on a regular basis. Subscriptions and donations at any level are always welcome and we are introducing the option of paying through PayPal, using your credit/debit card over the internet. INNATE is an entirely voluntary operation with no one paid for their input and some costs and resources are provided directly by those involved without charge to INNATE.

Thank you to the small Belfast networking group of INNATE for their committed involvement (meeting times are listed in Nonviolent News and ‘once off’ visitors are welcome). The group meets once a month to discuss wider issues and actions as well as INNATE business; you are welcome to attend if Belfast is accessible to you, and despite being a small group we are careful to avoid the ‘treasurer at your first meeting’ syndrome, i.e. you are welcome to attend and define your own level of involvement.

Finally, congratulations to Elaine Campbell and our webmaster, Mark McCann, on the birth of their son Rowan – perhaps I could say, berry well done.

Rob Fairmichael,
Coordinator, INNATE,
February 2005


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